Thursday, August 26, 2010

♫ I guess he’s an Xbox, and I’m an Atari ♫

Sometimes you hear or see something that you just cannot keep to yourself...this is one of those times.  I love Cee Lo Green because he is so unique as an artist, mixing everything from hip-hop to rock to folk with his funky style to make music that gets into your ear and takes up permanent residency in your head (and I mean that in the very best way!).  Cee Lo has released the official video for his upcoming single F*CK YOU.  Not only does this song have a beat that will have you dancing no matter where you are, but the lyrics will have you smiling, laughing and singing along (let the car karaoke commence)! 

Ladies and gentlemen, F*CK YOU!!!

Check out Cee Lo Green's official website for news, tour dates and more.  And if you don't recognize his name, you may recognize his voice.  Cee Lo was one of the original members of the Atlanta based hip-hop group Goodie Mob.  He later went on to collaborate with DJ Danger Mouse as Gnarles Barkley, releasing two albums, to date, and reaching chart and critical success with the single Crazy.

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